Rhino Rack Rock Light Kit (pair)

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Light Colour

The all-new Rock Light Easy Fit Brackets is the latest innovative accessory designed by STEDI that will take your lighting game to the next level. Designed specifically to suit the Rhino-Rack Pioneer Backbone System, the STEDI Rock Light Easy Fit Bracket can be easily mounted without drilling any holes in your backbone. Simply screw the bracket to one of the holes located on the sides of the Rhino-Rack Backbone (must have a diameter of 26mm to 47mm) and away you go


Featuring an ingenious back-sliding cable insert, the Rock Light Easy Fit Bracket removes the hassle of the conventional fitment that a rock light bracket would usually require. Say goodbye to intrusive cabling and annoying drilled fitments with this innovative bracket.


The Rock Light Easy Fit Bracket is designed with the heat resistance of polycarbonate, along with the lightweight yet sturdy ABS; the highest impact strengths of any thermoplastics out there. This is an injection moulded part, with a finished tone that is designed to perfectly match the powder coat of your backbone. The result is an effective lower power draw work light solution that looks like an accessory that came included with the backbone.


Kit Contents:

2 x STEDI rock lights (choice of amber or white)

2 x STEDI brackets for Rhino Rack Backbone