MAXTRAX Indeflate Analogue 2 hose

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  • The MAXTRAX INDEFLATE is designed to inflate or deflate two tyres simultaneously using our unique dump-valve mechanism that automatically equalises the pressure between the two tyres.

  • The MAXTRAX INDEFLATE has a built-in pressure gauge so that you can monitor your tyre pressures while inflating, deflating or equalising the tyre pressures.

  • The MAXTRAX INDEFLATE dump-valve mechanism is made from highly durable precision-engineered aluminium and features two 3-metre long highly flexible air hoses that are abrasion and ozone resistant.

  • Clip-on chucks make it safe, simple, quick and easy to connect to your tyres’ valves.

  • A Schrader valve on one end of the dump valve (the same as the valves on your tyres) makes it easy to connect to an air-compressor to inflate your tyres simultaneously too.

  • The MAXTRAX INDEFLATE comes in a strong and durable carry bag to make it convenient to carry and store.