J-Brace Next-Gen Ranger

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Introducing our version of the J-Brace – a crucial accessory for 2022 Rangers carrying heavy loads mounted to the sides of the tub. This J-Brace provides additional support for your accessories and is necessary for your Ranger to meet Ford's warranty requirements.

Unlike the OEM J-Brace, the Next-Gen Ranger J-Brace is designed to be easy to fit and does not require any cutting. Our J-Brace is easy to install yourself, and we've included everything you need in the kit. We've even provided extra flare clips to replace those broken during install.

Rest assured that the Next-Gen Ranger J-Brace is approved by Ford's warranty and will provide the necessary support for your accessories without invalidating your vehicle's warranty. Simply refer to the provided diagram to see where the J-Brace should be installed within the tub.

Suits All-New Amarok as well!