8,000KG - 10mm SaberPro Double Braided Winch Rope – 30m - Blue


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Welcome to the SaberPro® Double Braided Winch Rope. This rope has been in development for almost a year to find the right fibre, diameter, braiding and accessories.
This rope is double braided with our exclusive SaberPro™ Fiber offering the highest standards in strength and durability, it won’t let you down.
This rope has a 10mm (5/12″) diameter with 30M of length, with a minimum breaking strength of 8000kg (17600lbs).
The Fibre:
What makes SaberPro so special?
It’s Strong… It’s more than fifteen times stronger than steel. It’s light, very light… Weighing considerably less than nylon or polyester.
It’s durable… The impact and abrasive resistance make it an ideal winch rope solution.
It’s soft… You might think soft means weak or less durable, but not SaberPro™.. It’s soft to hold, comfortable to run on the winch drum and won’t tear your hands or gloves to shreds during a recovery.