The best way to upgrade your vehicle lighting

Fit your light-bar behind the grille and save buying a bullbar.

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Local Installer

We work through your local 4x4 store for install. Quick turnaround times and local knowledge and support.

No Damage to Vehicle

No cutting or drilling. Bolts directly to the vehicle using existing factory mounting points. Doesn't affect vehicle warranty

Lifetime Warranty

Australian-made and designed for superior product quality. It will never let you down

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100% Effective

No visible impact from grille

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Save Money

No need to install a bull bar or nudge bar just to hold a light. 

Theft Protection

Anti-theft due to the placement of the light behind the grille

Looks Great

Don't destroy the factory look of your vehicle. The light bar blends in during the day keeping out of sight

Choose your best lighting.

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