Good lighting is essential, especially for night-time country drives. Several LED light bars and spotlights are available on the market with different quality levels and different costs to suit your budget constraints. In addition, many articles can be researched on lighting technology to assist you in making a wise choice.

In this article, I wish to talk about not the light itself, important as that topic is, but the importance of a stable mounting system.

If you have a bullbar, generally, this is easily achieved. Even so, a poorly mounted spotlight or light bar can become subject to continual vibration, causing metal fatigue and eventually destroying the light mount bracket. I have seen one with a good quality stainless steel bracket break off. In this particular instance, it swung freely and caused damage to the vehicle. Unfortunately, the driver had no idea of the issue as it happened during the daytime.

Many people prefer the original vehicle look and wish to mount the lights behind the grille. Here, it is essential to select a firm mounting system that has been purpose-designed. Otherwise, the light will vibrate and produce an annoying flickering as you drive, particularly on roads that are not smooth. Of course, behind-the-grille lights are not as easy to tighten as they are hard to get at. On the plus side, they are much less likely to be stolen because they go unnoticed and are hard to access. This list of plusses goes on - they are less frequently damaged because they are somewhat protected behind the grille from branches or other foreign objects. Best of all, they do not alter the original look of your vehicle!

Our R&D team at TrailBait Offroad has specifically developed its range of behind-the-grille lightbars with stability and good looks in mind. When installing the system, ensure you tighten up all fixings well and according to specifications. Then, you will enjoy years of trouble-free use of your behind-the-grille lighting system.