Do you want to upgrade your vehicle lighting but don't know what type of light to get? This blog will help you understand the differences between a light bar and spot lights and what option is best for you.

What Is A Light Bar?

LED Light bars are a bank of LEDs , or light-emitting diodes, that are arranged in a row to create one continuous beam of light. They are mounted in a metal or plastic housing and can shine a bright white light on the area that you are illuminating. These LEDS are arranged in single, double or sometimes triple rows. Widths range from 11 inches to over 50 inches. Different reflector styles are available to focus the light beam in a specific direction. Most bars require only a single power source to operate them and run off the vehicle 12v battery.

What is a Spot Light?

A spot light is an arrangement of LEDs or other light sources designed to produce concentrated beams of light in a particular direction. They can be round or square in shape, and are typically mounted on a bull bar or roof rack. The most common sized spot light is 9" diameter.

Which one should I get?

If you are looking for something to light up a long distance down the road, spot lights are your answer. These can light an area up to 2km in distance, depending on the model.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a smaller light to illuminate the immediate vicinity of your vehicle, an LED light bar is the right choice for you. Light bars generate a scattered light output that usually does not achieve more than 700m distance, but can have a spread of up to 50m on either side of the vehicle. If you want a light to light up the sides of the road and give you better visibility of wildlife then a light bar is the best option.

The best of both worlds is to have both a light bar and spot lights, as this will help achieve best distance and spread in one. Some light bars come with built a in spot beam to give you the best of both worlds in a single unit, which is one way to keep the cost down without compromising too much on your lighting.

In conclusion:

Spot lights: provide illumination to a focused area at long range

Light bars: Provide a scattered wide-beam illumination at close range

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