When it comes to off-road adventures, being prepared is everything. Recovery tracks, like Maxtrax and Treds (or any other recovery track with common mounting holes), are must-haves for getting your rig unstuck from sand, mud or snow. But storing them for fast, easy access has always been a challenge, which has now been solved with the Tub Maxtrax Mount—a revolutionary solution to securely mount recovery tracks to the roll top of your ute without messing up your ride.

Fast and Easy Access

One of the standout features of the Tub Maxtrax Mount for your recovery tracks is how it positions them in one of the most convenient places on your vehicle. While still staying clear of whatever you’re stuck in, there’s no need to try and access your roof racks or open the tray and risk an intake of any water. This gives you safer and more immediate access to quickly and easily get yourself unstuck and back on the road again.

Quick-Release Convenience

When you’re off-road, you need to be able to work fast in an emergency. The Tub Maxtrax Mount features quick-release pins, so you can get your tracks off and ready to use super fast. This feature ensures you’re always ready to handle challenging terrains without hassle while being so robust and reliable that you can trust it to perform even in the toughest conditions.

Make the Most of Underutilised Space

The Tub Maxtrax Mount for your recovery tracks uses that often-forgotten space between the sailplane or sports bars. Normally, this area is just sitting there empty, but now you can carry your recovery tracks conveniently and securely while keeping the rest of your ute’s storage area free for all your other gear.

No-Drill Installation

Modifying your vehicle can be a daunting headache, especially if it involves drilling. The technical challenges and effects on resale value and structural integrity make it a no-go zone under usual circumstances. However, the Tub Maxtrax Mount dissolves these problems with its no-drill installation. It attaches directly to the tracks on the roller cover, keeping your vehicle intact and making it easy to equip your ute with recovery tracks without any permanent changes.


Ready to make the most of your ute and be prepared for all your off-road adventures? The Tub Maxtrax Mount is the ultimate solution for storing your recovery tracks. Its intelligent design, no-drill installation, and quick-release feature make it an indispensable addition to your vehicle.

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