Clearview™ Compact Towing Mirrors - Next-Gen Ranger


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The Clearview™ Compact Mirror is our newest towing mirror design.

Telescopic 2-stage extension provides 3 towing positions to choose from, allowing you to see down the side of your van when towing and won’t retract when driving at high speeds or when passing large trucks.

A large convex single mirror diminishes objects it reflects, allowing the driver to have a wide field similar to an OEM mirror, making it perfect for smaller vehicles with service bodies. Single mirror models are recommended for vehicles with large canopies or for towing anything under 15ft.

This is the mirror for you if you want a sleek, compact style while still ensuring wide visibility and safety.



Clearview Towing Mirrors to suit the MY2022 Ford Ranger & Everest are Licenced Ford Accessories. They have been built in conjunction with Ford Motor Company and are tested and approved by Ford for installation on the new Ranger and Everest models.

Your MY2022 Ford Ranger & Everest may be equipped with Driver Assist Features including 360-Degree Cameras, Reverse Brake Assist and Active Park Assist. When disconnecting and removing the original side mounted mirrors equipped with 360-degree cameras, these Driver Assist Features will be affected, and fault codes will be displayed in your vehicle.

When any camera has been disconnected and/or replaced in the MY2022 Ford Ranger or Everest, a Camera Realignment Procedure needs to be performed by an Authorised Ford Dealer to ensure the correct operation of all Driver Assist Features and to remove any displayed fault codes.

Installing Clearview Towing Mirrors (with 360 deg camera option) will therefore require a Camera Realignment Procedure. A Ford Motor Company dealer can perform this Camera Realignment Procedure once the installation and camera alignment process has been completed, as per the Clearview Mirror Installation Instructions.

You will need to make an appointment with your local Ford Motor Company Dealer as soon as possible after the installation of your Clearview Towing Mirrors. The Ford Dealer will charge a fee to perform this realignment procedure, which will be additional to the purchase cost of your Clearview Towing Mirrors and additional to the installation cost of your new mirrors.

Residual fault codes must be cleared for any future Ford software updates to be completed as any underlying issues may prevent a successful update.


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